These are the things I am doing now. Idea inspired by Zach Ware, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.

  • Working at RabbitHole as an Operations Lead, where I am focused on:
    • Collaborating with Dapps and protocols to design "quests" that attract new users and help users get onboarded to new crypto projects.
    • A lot of miscellaneous things that fall under ops at a seed stage start-up.
  • Helping Llama with treasury management and Krause House build an NBA team as fun DAO side projects!
  • Moving to Nashville for the summer. If you or anybody you know is in Nashville, say hello!
  • Writing. Trying to share my thoughts more as I go deeper and deeper down the crypto rabbit hole.
  • Tweeting. Trying to expand my presence here to meet new people.
  • Working out and playing sports (pickleball has been my sport of choice during COVID, considering my golf swing is in shambles).

Feel free to reach out at about anything related to this page.

This page was updated as of 6/15/21.