These are the things I am doing now. Idea inspired by Zach Ware, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.

  • Exploring start-up ideas that I am interested in, mainly focused on how to better connect and organize people in mutually beneficial and positive-sum ways. Two ideas have the majority of my attention at the moment, and I am running experiments with each:
    • Help "intellectual creators" turn their fans into collaborators, ultimately amplifying the work of the creator and providing a more intimate relationship for the fan
    • Facilitate more useful connections and foster a spirit of positive-sum collaboration amongst people
  • Participating in the On Deck program in hopes of meeting new, interesting people and having a (small) bit of structure as I iterate through my ideas.
  • Moving to San Francisco from South Florida (contrarian move) and hoping to find some like-minded young people. After being largely nomadic for two years and primarily in South Florida during COVID, I am looking forward to being in SF for a few months with friends.
  • Tweeting. Trying to expand my presence here to meet new people (a common thread).
  • Working out and playing sports (pickleball has been my sport of choice during COVID, considering my golf swing is in shambles).

Feel free to reach out at about anything related to this page.

This page was updated as of 12/27/20.